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    Top tier ranking for OBERSON ABELS in Chambers Global 2020

    OBERSON ABELS SA has been recognized again as one of the leading Swiss law firms

    Xavier Oberson and Pierre-Marie Glauser, highly ranked (Band 1), and both Marcel Meier and Jérôme Meyer are listed for the quality of their work in Tax

    Philipp Fischer received a new individual ranking for Banking & Finance

    Stefan Eberhard has been individually recognized as leader in the fields of Corporate law and M&A alongside Antoine Amiguet for Investment Funds

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    100 Best Taxation Books of All Time - BookAuthority

    OBERSON ABELS is pleased to announce that the book written by Xavier Oberson "International Exchange of Information", of which the second edition was published in December 2018, was ranked 15th in the 100 Best Taxation Books of All Times featured on BookAuthority. More information here.

    Pierre-Marie Glauser appointed to the consultative body on VAT by the Federal Council

    Pierre-Marie Glauser Partner of our Firm and also Professor at the University of Lausanne has once again been appointed by the Federal Council as a member of the consultative body on VAT, for a period of four years. He sits on the body as a representative for academic institutions.
    The consultative body is an extra-parliamentary commission tasked with taking a position and making recommendations on possible changes to the law on VAT (LTVA) as well as administrative practices in this area. The body creates a fundamental link between taxpayers and the administrative authorities and plays an important role in the development of VAT. As a permanent member of this body since 2010, Pierre-Marie Glauser will represent academic circles. His appointment covers a new four-year period, from 2020 to 2024.
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    Appointment of Sébastien Bettschart

    We are delighted to announce that Sébastien Bettschart has been appointed titular Professor of commercial law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Fribourg. This appointment is the result of several years of teaching and publishing in corporate law.

    New Partner and new Counsel
    Launch of Xavier Oberson's book "Taxing Robots"

    The new book of Xavier Oberson "Taxing robots" has recently been published. This publication represents the first book exploring the potential for taxing robots. The increasing use of artificial intelligence within the workplace is likely to cause significant disruption in the labour market and, in turn, in the economy, notably due to a reduction in the number of taxable workers. In this innovative book, Xavier Oberson proposes taxing robots as a possible solution to the anticipated problem of declining tax revenues. The book, available in English, explores various models that could be applied to both the use of robots and to robots directly. For more information click here.

      Ranking of the best Swiss law firms in 2019

      We are pleased to announce that OBERSON ABELS is ranked first in the category "Tax Law" in the ranking of the best Swiss law firms in 2019 published by Bilanz and le Temps.

      OBERSON ABELS is also recommended in the fields of banking and capital market laws, as well as in the field of compliance.

      The entire OBERSON ABELS team is thankful for this recognition!

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        Ranking Legal 500 - 2019

        We are pleased to announce that OBERSON ABELS has once again been recognized as a leading firm in Switzerland by the Legal 500 professional directory for taxation (Top Tier), banking and financial Law, corporate Law and M&A. Six partners have been individually recognized in their field:

        Xavier Oberson and Pierre-Marie Glauser have been recognized in the first tier of Swiss lawyers in their category and Xavier Oberson is once again on the "Leading Lawyers" list.

        In the banking and finance field, Antoine Amiguet and Philipp Fischer were recognized for the quality of their work in the regulation of collective investments and data protection.

        Sébastien Bettschart and Stefan Eberhard were recognized in the fields of commercial law, corporate law and M&A.

        The entire OBERSON ABELS team is thankful for this recognition!

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          Chambers Global Guide 2019

          The 2019 edition of the Chambers Global ranking has just been published and OBERSON ABELS is once again listed as one of the leading Swiss law firms.

          In the tax field, Xavier Oberson and Pierre-Marie Glauser are listed in Band 1 and Jerôme Meyer is also ranked and appraised for the quality of his work.

          Sébastien Bettschart and Stefan Eberhard have been individually recognized as leaders in the fields of Corporate law and M&A.

          Antoine Amiguet has been recognized as a major figure in the regulation of collective investments.

          Philipp Fischer has also been mentioned as an "Up and Coming Individual" in the field of banking and financial law.

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            Withholding tax: Group assets

            On February 5th 2019, the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA) published an important communication on its practice in connection with bonds issued abroad with a guarantee of a Swiss group company. In short, it alleviates the restrictions relating to the use in Switzerland of funds obtained by a bond issuance made abroad. Up to the total amount of the equity of the foreign subsidiaries of the group, these funds can be lent to Swiss companies without a requalification of the foreign issuance as a Swiss bond subject to Swiss withholding tax. In addition, loans made by Swiss companies to foreign group companies is also taken into account to compute the amount that can be repatriated in Switzerland without adverse Swiss withholding tax consequences.

            The practice of the SFTA in connection with foreign bonds guaranteed by a Swiss parent does not rely on a clear legal basis. But it represents an important issue for all groups that need to finance themselves on international markets and face restriction on the use of these funds in Switzerland. The practice published on February 5th, 2019 is therefore an important step in the right direction that will help to reduce the incentive for Swiss group to invest abroad.